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Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is one of the most exciting branches of psychology. It is applied in various disciplines of life in the first world countries.
This Skills Enhancement Academy UK presents this discipline optimised for sales. NLP sales training is one of the best sales training in the world due to its deeper access to the human mind and sales behaviour.

What Can This Training Do For Me?

This training can act as rocket fuel for your organisation’s sales. It achieves this by
changing the attitude of the sales staff. Simply put, it enables the sales team
members to see deep inside the customers mind, change his wants into needs and
uncover deep the buying patterns. The direct result of this would be increased sales,
a happier workforce and, of course, more profit.
The course content includes (but not limited to):

  •    The hidden power of the mind.
  •  How to contextualise that power within a sales environment.
  •  Understanding the framework: What Makes People Buy?
  •  Rapport building.
  •  Leading the customer.
  •  Applied techniques to empathise with buyers.
  •  Embedded Commands and Embedded Questions.
  •  Overcoming objections.
    This is practical training, therefore, the learners will engage in physical activities
    throughout the training.

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