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Sounds like an easy question – it’s not, the answers are many. I will give you some
typical answers.
Firstly NLP = Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
A substantial mouthful which is why the abbreviation is so popular.
The three component parts of the name explain what “It” is.
• Neuro – Brain
• Linguistic – how we talk to others and importantly how we talk to ourselves
• Programming – repetition that leads to our behaviours
NLP primarily focuses on studying excellence.
Referred to as the ‘Software for the Brain’. NLP is a model for being able to
duplicate human excellence and learn new behaviours at an accelerated pace.
NLP is an attitude.
It is an attitude of curiosity and a methodology. NLP is a method for modelling
excellence and it leaves a trail of techniques NLP has provided hundreds of
techniques for communication and behavioural change.

What Can NLP Do For Me?

ism. When the same techniques are used in a commercial
context i.e when managers use coaching skills for their teams, it rocket fuels the
team performance.

Coaching changes the perspective of the clients/team and make them more self-
reliant. In practice, this means that when dealing with challenges, teams/clients will
not look to apportion blames on external elements but will rather trust themselves
more to deal with them.
Here are a few benefits:

A great question indeed!
NLP can change the mindset of the workforce to make the team members more
rational, increase the problem-solving ability, increase the emotional intelligence.
The direct result of this would be reduced waste time, more productivity, a calm
workplace and, of course, more profit.
The course content includes (but not limited to):
• NLP Introduction
• NLP Core Presuppositions & Principles
• Eye Accessing Cues
• Communication
• Meta Model
• Milton Model
• Anchoring
This is a practical training, therefore, the learners will engage in physical activities
throughout the training.

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