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Course Description

The course is structured in an easy-to-follow with ample opportunities for learners
lo practice. It is CPD accredited and offers 24 internationally recognised poets to

It is a practical training where the learners learn the most up-to-date training
theories and then apply them m live demos in class. They benefit from the realtime
bespoke feedback and the opportunities to implement that feedback.

The Course structure is:

Day 1

  • How Training Works
  • How to Present Your Content
  • How to Plan Your Training
  • Training Presentations

Day  2

  •  How to Master the Art Delivery
  •  How to Take Advantage of Your Environment for Training Delivery
  •  How to Deliver Using Effective Verbal Communication Skills
  •  Training Exercises
    Day 3
  •  Training Demonstrations

What is different about this TTT?

A great question indeed!

The Train the Trainer is a carefully constructed course which intends to
prepare the effective trainers in a short space of time. It is packed with
a lot of content which might normally be thought over a longer period.

The reason that the course works so efficiently is that the same
principles thought in the course are also used in the delivery of the
course. This allows the delegates to clearly see how the methods work
in practice as they constantly see examples of methods employed
during the course. This technique significantly increases the number of
repetitions which in turn boosts the pace of learning.

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