Qaisar Ahmed Raja
About Me


Qaiser Ahmed Raja is a highly experienced individual who has gained exposure at an international level. His leadership and sportsmanship are top-notch. He has been a part of the training sector since 2003. He is actively engaged with the professional sector in multiple capacities. He believes training is a uniquely challenging process with frequent
evaluation and balancing of multiple roles (e.g. student, teacher, researcher,
counselor, and supervisee). High levels of stress and depression can be exacerbated
when a trainee is high in self-critical perfectionism and Qaiser Ahmed Raja is
multidimensional perfectionist.
He is recognized as a business coach, a life coach, a business consultant and an NLP practitioner. He has coached the workforce of prolific organizations such as BMW,
Nissan, NHS, Fire & Rescue, and has clients and students in more than 80 countries
and has helped people to identify the obstacles that keep getting in their way, assisted
them with finding motivation and pinpointed resistance to change. Through his
trainings, he aims to assist the Professionals in achieving their development and
career enhancement goals.
He is passionate and determined about turning his students into qualified
professional by using not only his strong hold on significant theoretical concepts,
but also the rich experience that he has gained over the years. He is widely
recognized for his training and lectures for the EU and the British government
business projects. Teaching Law and Business Management in the Higher Education
Sector of the United Kingdom is also one of his many accomplishments. His
experience in training management is also rich and resourceful.
His role as a researcher is also significant as he has undertaken and supervised a
number of research projects for a variety of domains including Pedagogy,
Andragogy, Law, Business Management and Leadership. He has become a role
model for individuals because of his approachable personality and his versatile style
of coaching.

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