Saima Subtain
Training Director
About Me

“Hard work is not a choice but an obligation towards SUCCESS keep doing it. ”

Saima Subtain, a fine Educationist, is an eminent figure who
has experienced remarkable developments in all domains of
her life, specifically master in beautifying her personal and
professional domains with her patience, talent and God gifted
wisdom. As a life coach and trainer, she strongly believes in establishing and
maintaining a strong relationship of mutual trust in order to ensure effective
communication with individuals and groups which would lead to positive and
fruitful results. To achieve this, she believes in maintaining ethical integrity with
utmost sincerity and loyalty.
She confidently shares her ideas, aspirations and aims with renowned personalities
around the globe and has had significant opportunities to present, coach and facilitate
a large number of events, workshops, certification courses and organizational
retreats. Saima has a rich and resourceful experience of more than 15 years as an
educationist and possesses expertise in business ownership and management.
She is a talented person with a pleasant personality, who is always passionate about
guiding and being a mentor for individuals

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