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Business Consulting

Change is inevitable in business. Each business faces interesting and complex difficulties: well-established organizations explore change, while growing organizations shape it.Difficulties are explicit and arrangements don’t interpret consummately starting with one business then onto the next, which is the reason that it is desired that a completely bespoke way ought to be used to address the professional matters.We are well and truly unique. This is due to a simple reason; we do not have a default template. We understand your personality first and then connect it with your business.We have developed our training around the most accomplished individuals from different walks of life.We have effectively helped over 700 business leaders in 82 countries. Under the leadership of Qaiser Ahmed Raja, our consultants continue to deliver value and help our clients.We are content driven individuals, who bring genuine experience and search for the correct methodology for you, not us. We work with you, utilizing attempted and tried techniques created from long periods of hands-on understanding to convey effective and reliable outcomes. Our history shows the expansiveness of our expertise over a full scope of business affairs including finances, organisational workflow and technology.

Executive Coaching

There was a time when leading an organisation using classic tools was possible. That is no longer the case! The age of information and scientific development has caused many business leaders to find their depths (or lack of it). Companies are going out of business on almost a daily basis and it is not difficult to see the most obvious reason for it. That reason is the executives’ distance with new and up-to-date leadership skills.SEA has designed bespoke packages for executives that include coaching, mentoring and training.The idea is to keep the busy executives updated and enlightened by international standards of organisational leadership. This includes subtle changes to paradigm shifts. SEA has some of the best accomplished executive trainers featuring high qualifications and experience.The best feature of our program is its flexibility. We understand that no two individuals are the same. Keeping this in mind, we deliver coaching, mentoring and training in a manner that is uniquely suitable for you.

Corporate Training

SEA is an immensely experienced organisation for corporate training.We deliver the most sought-after skills including sales, professional communication, coaching for managers and project management. Our training courses are flexible which enables us to deliver them as in-house or on our own venues.Our trainers are CPD accredited and posses the necessary skills and experience required to deliver a training complying with the international standards. It is stipulated that we don’t just create a motivational buzz, we deliver real knowledge in highly engaging environments.Our training courses are not limited to the hard skills only. We recognise that the success of an organisation is not dependant on the skill level it has. In fact, it is the people who carry those skills really matter. With this view, we offer courses that focus on the individual soft skills. This enables your team to harness the

We Offer:

· NLP for Sale

· Workflow Management

· Emotional Intelligence

· Coaching for Managers

· Project Management

· Mindfulness

· Business Communication

· Negotiation

· Conflict Management

positive energy and use their hard skills to their maximum effect.

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